Friday, October 12, 2012

How To Assign A Domain To Your Server

If you want to have a website or a blog on your home server, your website should have a name assigned.
It would be bizarre, that visitors or you constantly type your IP address in the web browser. Especially if you have a broadband internet connection and an IP address that changes every 24 hours. In this tutorial we will see how to assign a domain to a server.If you want to learn how to create own server , read my previous article How To Create Server | Step by Step

Go to DynDNS , there you can get one of the available DynDNS domain names, for free . On that site, you should create account.
assign a domain to server
After you created an account , log in , on the left sidebar you will see My Services, click it. Then go to Host Services, in Host Services click Add New Hostname.
assign a domain to server
When you click on Add new hostname , fields will appear where you must type the hostname like, service type , IP address (How to check IP Address? Go to, on that site you will see own IP addresses). Set parameters as shown below, just add
your own information .
assign a domain to server
assign a domain to server
There is one small problem, IP address will change every 24 hour. It is little difficult manually type every 24 hours IP address in your DynDNS account. Luckily there is application, called an update client. Update client will send updates to your account when your IP address changes.Download update client and install it. It looks like this
assign a domain to server
That is all.Type your domain name in web browser and enjoy in new domain for home server..

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