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Paris Motor Show



Since I do a lot of talking today, I’m a bit bussy … Sure, I will cover all these Talks and report them to you. So far I talked with Michael De Bono, the Designer of the BMW Concept Active Tourer, or Dr. Lopez Bernardo, who is in charge of the engine-development at BMW.
Unfortunately I can’t blog and talk the same time, so pls. be patient with me and give me some time to write it all down. In the meanwhile, let’s have a short look at the MINI stand …!


BMW 335i with BMW M Performance Parts.

It is for many here the absolute highlight: The BMW 335i with BMW M Performance Accessories.
The M Performance accessories are a family of products, with which a buyer can personalise his BMW. The programme is closely modelled on the feel of motor sports and intended “express a drivers authentic enthusiasm for racing”. At the Mondial de l’Automobile 2012, the model-specific products for the new BMW 3 Series sedan is being presented. These will be available in the fall of 2012 for the new BMW 3 Series wagon then too.
Developed in close cooperation with BMW M GmbH, these retrofit components include all the major aspects that come to mind for, when thinking about such upgrades: drivetrain, suspension, aerodynamics and cockpit.
As always both function and effect as well as design and quality were top priorities for the developers. Increasing power, reducing weight, improve aerodynamics – these are the goals.

The biggest eye-catcher is the aerodynamic package, which includes attachments for the front bumper including splitter, a rear diffuser and blades for the side skirts. But there are also other detailed accessories like black front grilles. Various additions for the drivetrain, such as a special exhaust system or the BMW M Performance Power Kit are also available. With the latter, the performance of the BMW 3 Series is further enhanced by means of new hard and software components, such as an improved new control unit or an enlarged intercooler.
The important thing: Since these are all genuine BMW parts, the BMW is the warranty remains unaffected.

More information is available in Paris… And if you cant get there, on the website.



Waits for his coverage here at the blog – the BMW 335i with BMW M Performance Parts. But he, and you, have to wait until tomorrow. Than I’ll show you some more pictures and give you all the data …


BMW Concept Active Tourer live (1)

First pictures of the BMW Concept Active Tourer – live here in Paris. Trust me, if I tell you, that it is just more beautiful in real ;)
Click on the photos to get a larger version!

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BMW Press Conference – Speech.

Want to know, what Dr. Ian Robertson (HonDSc), Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing showed the Journalists at the Paris Auto Show today? Well, pictures will come later, but here’s his speech!

Take a Look arround

The BMW press conference is just a few minutes away – heres the first picture with Dr. Ian Robertson (HonDSc), Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing.
Click on it to view a larger version!

Sheer Driving Pleasure.

Fast lesson in french …
What “Sheer Driving Pleasure” is called in Paris?
Well – the picture gives you a hint ;)

Here we go!

So, it’s time! Say “Good Morning, Paaaaaris!” or, what else you’d like to shout in the morning – me, personally, will shout it.
The BMW press conference begins at 1:45 today. Here, BMW is not the first exhibitor to give their press conference – as is traditionally the case at the IAA. But that’s OK. More than OK since it gives me the chance to talk to Michael De Bono. The BMW man responsible for the design of the eterior of the BMW Concept Active Tourer and will take a bit of time to answer some questions for me.
I still have some time for a quick coffee. Ole! Pardon, au Lait! What else is there to drink in Paris?
Incidentally, Paris – this is my first time in this beautiful city on the Seine. I will take my little red BMW for a little spin after the fair closes for the day, and torment the ladies and gentlemen of BMW Assist appropriately…


On the Road to Paris.

It is half past nine in the morning in Germany. And no, this is not an advertisement for a mid-morning snack. It is a travelogue. From Hannover to Paris, where on Thursday morning the Mondial de L’Automobile 2012 will open.
It’s cold out there. And wet. But that does not matter because my seat as heating.
Out onto the A2 and west to the Ardenne. That is where I will make a quick pitstop. Because if you’re already in the area and you‘re a petrol head like me, a quick visit to Spa-Francorchamps is never wrong. The GT-Tour is training there since Wednesday – which alone is enough for a quick speed fix before continuing my own trip. This is the halfway mark – and from now on, the EcoPro mode and cruise control will do the work for me …

We are making progress. Belgium has quite a few hills for such a flat country. I wonder if the Belgian BMW fan is looking forward to the new xDrive in the BMW 1 Series. Maybe in the winter.

I‘ve come to realise that the “Comfort” setting f driving experience switch is not for me. I like the direct feedback from the chassis and the direct steering rather than the somewhat softer setting of the Comfort mode.
I‘m in Paris by 8 pm. Wow! Paris!
It’s dark. And its raining dogs and cats. The the highway is soaked. Have you ever been to Paris? If not, here‘s a bit of advice: Beware of the mopeds … Considering their daring maneuvers between the moving cars, there are surprisingly many BMW C1s to be seen …
The friendly voice in the BMW satnav shows me the way. With six lanes, dense traffic and a wet road I’m glad I do not have to concentrate on the monitor. Does the woman behind the BMW navigation system have a name?
Memo to myself: Talk to the ConnectedDrive experts at the fair. If she doesn‘t have a name, its she gets one. Tomorrow morning I’ll buy her flowers and put them on the monitor …
I‘m at the hotel by 9 pm. The BMW ConnectedDrive system can‘t find empty parking spots… yet.!
By the way: My worries about my suitcase (“Will it fit into the trunk?”) was way badass… Of course it fits – without having to fold the rear seats either. They were under the 360 litres volume that are available in the trunk… I wonder what BMW would say, would I take “litres” literally and, together with the bloggers in Paris… no, not a good idea…

Welcome to Paris! I am really looking forward to the next few days – and I hope you are as well! I will report here on the blog about the most important BMW news and novelties.
Hello to all you readers and visitors, bloggers and colleagues who will be able to join me in the days to come!

BMW Concept Active Tourer Zeichnung

BMW at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

Since the Paris Motor Show already starts at Thurday, it’s about time for this post, isn’t it?
So, here’s the LineUp for BMW at the Paris Motor Show …
The No.1 Highlight at the BMW stand will be the BMW Concept Active Tourer – without any doubt.
The Concept Car is a stuning vision of the small-car-future for BMW. There will be a lot of talk at the fair grounds of this – raised seating position, generous space, a new three-cylinder engine (as a hybrid-version) and FWD. I’m looking forward to see this in real, and I guess, I’m not the only one …
Second highlight: xDrive, the all-wheel drive system, sees its premiere in the
BMW 1 Series. First two modells will be the BMW 120d xDrive and the BMW M135i xDrive.
Also, there will be a new entry-level diesel model. The BMW 114d comes with a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology that generates an output of 70 kW/95 bhp.
Then, there will be the new BMW 7 Series giving it’s European premiere.
Also visitors and guests of BMW will have the chance to see the new BMW 3 Series, get into ConnectedDrive and take a look at the stuning new BMW M Performance parts.
Last but not least, there will be a new version of the BMW i3 Concept coming to Paris. It shows some new Interior, such as eucalyptus wood used for the instrument panel (coming from a sustainable cultivation source in Europe), high-quality leather for the seats and new parts of the instrument cluster and door trim, which are made of natural wool fabric.
So … Time for me, to pack my stuff, check all the luggage and get on my way, I guess … See you in Paris (or just stay here at the blog, that will be fine for me ;)
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Ferrari at the 2012 Paris Car Show

Earth and Sky

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Frosted Trees, Alaska

Picture of snow-covered trees in Alaska

Kali Gandaki River, Nepal

Pictures of climbers along a trail in Nepal

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mclaren P1 World Debut - 2012 Paris Motor Show

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