Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Photo: Rider hurls into the sky at Wild Rat Motocross in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo: Rider in Mt Beauty, Victoria, Australia. Photo: biker and clouds in Sarajevo.Photo: Mountain bike racer splashes through a puddle.The town of Hilton in South Africa is known for its misty weather, which came out in full force for an annual mountain bike classic. The unusually wet winters day challenged competitors with muddy tracks, low visibility and an icy wind. I battled to just keep my camera dry, and after failing to obtain sharp images through the haze I took a step back and framed this shot, which captures the adventurous rider tackling the harsh environment.Photo: Two riders bike near a tree in Ecuador.Photo: Bike rider in the air in Winter Park, Colorado.Photo: Transrockies Canada race contestant rides through a puddle.    Photo: Muddy Buddy race competitor covered in mudPhoto: Bicyclist during a road race.Photo: Rider jumping over hill on dirt track.Photo: Bike rider jumping over a hill. Photo: A girl races through the fall foliage in Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC.Photo: Man watches contestant in 2008 World ChampionshipsPhoto: Airborne rider in the woods. Photo: Daredevil biker in Australia. Photo: Night rider rounds a curve. Photo: Biker in the Isle of Man race

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